For job hunters: It’s time to put your best everything forward.

Looking for a job is an overwhelming process. Our goal is to remove as much of that stress as possible and help you land your dream job as soon as possible.  

Resume Writing

I’ll keep it simple: first impressions matter. A lot. According to a survey by the Society of Human Resource Management, 76% of executives polled said they would eliminate a candidate from consideration if s/he had one or two typographical errors in the resume. Having a professionally written resume is evidence that you are willing to invest in yourself and your future. Let me ask you the tough questions, you provide me with honest answers, and I’ll provide you with a resume that clearly markets your experience and achievements in a grammatically correct and let’s-interview-this-person way.

Cover Letters

A cover letter, like a resume, won’t land you a job; however, it plays a key role in landing an interview. A well-written cover letter will encourage those important people to spend more time reviewing your well-written resume. Your cover letter must be concise, compelling and successfully highlight who you are, your passion for the job and your relevant qualifications.

Networking Letters

It is still the number one tool in the internship- and job-hunting game: networking. A networking letter is a great tool to have in your career search kit. Use this letter to reach out to friends, friends of friends, referrals, colleagues, and any one else whose name may come your way to ask for career advice, job leads, additional referrals, introductions to other professionals, and then some. You are typically sending this letter to very busy people, so you need one that is well-written, clearly defines what you are seeking, and leaves the reader compelled to help.

Follow-Up Letters

This type of letter is following up to some type of communication that’s been received from the employer. If you receive any type of communication and there is confusion, disappointment or excitement, there is an appropriate and relevant way to express it if there’s a positive end goal in sight. For example, it can be used to seek additional information in response to a note saying you weren’t selected for an interview or for the job, or a follow-up letter can request more information about a position or an offer.  

LinkedIn for Job Hunters

Nearly 93% of hiring managers use LinkedIn for recruiting. With more than 450 million users on the platform, it’s important to stand out to job seekers in a positive way. At Word451, we know how to create a profile that makes a memorable first impression with the right headline, picture, documents, and summary. We will also provide tips on how to continue to build credibility once your LinkedIn presence is up and running. 

Would you like more information without any pressure? We get it. Feel free to reach out here, and let us know what's on your mind